Read the testimonials below from some of our customers regarding our products:

“I had been using both the BetaSupreme and the Mannanplus on a regular ‘maintenance’ basis.  Then one summer a mole on my back became very large, black and crusty.  I used both the BetaSupreme and the Mannanplus to help me with this.  As you may know, moles can change and even become pre-cancerous or even cancerous.  I started taking large amounts of both the BetaSupreme and the Mannanplus.  Within a few months, the mole began to peel, gradually disappearing!  As it did so, the skin below it was as unmarked as the surrounding skin.  When it was finally resolved, you couldn’t even tell where the mole had been.  I know if I had gone any other route, this mole would not have resolved properly.”  — EC

“I’m in high school and was always getting sick during the school year, at least 1-2 weeks every semester.  I started taking the BetaSupreme and the Mannanplus every day, and this is the first year that I haven’t gotten sick once!  Everyone around me was getting very sick, but I didn’t!  I know this stuff works!”  –AES

“I just recently ordered some nutritional products from you all and was impressed with the attention I was given and the quality of the products you have.  Also, there was a product that I wanted that I didn’t see listed, and when I contacted you, you were able to find it and order it for me.  Great service!!”  –MH